Lincoln Monsters Pre-Orders are Open!

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Lincoln Monsters Dracula
Lincoln Monsters Dracula


Lincoln Monsters Pre-Orders are open today at

Get your hands on our first two releases, “The Evil of Count Dracula” and “The Power of Frankenstein.” Each 8″ figure comes on a Type-S body with custom-tailored outfits and a solid box featuring Chris Franklin’s artwork.

The figures are available individually at 29.95 each or in the “Blood-A-Rama Shock Fest” double feature for 54.95.

As an added bonus, all pre-orders will include a “Lincoln Monster Club” kit (while supplies last.)

Figures are expected for Summer 2024.



A vintage toy brand is rising from the grave! “Lincoln Monsters” is a new collaboration from White Elephant Toyz, Absolutely Retro and Plaid Stallions, who have joined forces to make dimestore retro monsters. The name is inspired by the legendary knock-off toy company Lincoln International. However, Lincoln Monsters reimagines the company as a 70s third-rate film studio, making exploitation and copying horror trends. Each Lincoln Monster release and creation will center around a fictional movie from Lincoln International Studios, premiering with The Evil of Count Dracula.

The 8″ Evil of Count Dracula figure will be on a type S body, with a look inspired by the past but retaining the LM house style.

Each Evil of Dracula figure will come in a gorgeous solid box with artwork by Chris Franklin depicting the gorey poster for the movie made to cash in on Hammer horror. Like all good horror shows, this is a double bill as Lincoln Monsters will also release “The Power of Frankenstein,” featuring a stunning poster by Chris Franklin. “Our goal is to create well-made figures inspired by cheap knock-offs,” explains White Elephant Toyz Jason Schiermeyer who adds, “At a collector-friendly price point.” Subsequent releases from Lincoln Monsters will include original male and female character designs that cross multiple film genres from Science Fiction, Horror and Exploitation. The fictional Lincoln studio was known to dabble in Gothic Horror, Ozsplotation, Philippine Drive-In movies and Italian rip-offs.

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